Commercial Concrete Contractors in Duluth, MN

Commercial concrete services for new construction, additions, repairs, alterations, and improvements.

Commercial Concrete Services

Kaski, Inc. can meet any commercial concrete contracting need. We have developed a reputation as trusted contractors in Duluth, MN, through years of quality service, dependability, and affordable pricing. We specialize in both commercial concrete services and government contracts.

Commercial spaces we work in:
  • Warehouses
  • Industrial 
  • Hotels
  • Offices 
  • Retail
  • Government and municipal 
  • Educational institutions

Our Commercial Concrete Contracting covers a variety of services across a multiple spaces where we work, including:

  • Formwork
  • Paired walls
  • New concrete installation
  • Reinforcement installation
  • Placement
  • Finishing
  • Floors and surfaces
  • Repair and restoration
  • Architectural concrete

We work to ensure a smooth process from the first time we step on the site to the completion of the project. This involves having a thorough understanding of the project, performing proper site preparation, pre-planning for efficiency and accuracy, and rigorous site clean-up. 

Maintaining your deadline as well as ensuring high-quality results are our top-most priorities. 

Our site preparation and excavating contracting services allow us to prepare the site for upcoming Commercial construction and Municipal construction projects. The preparation process includes:

  • Demolition of current structures
  • Earthwork – moving and adding dirt as needed
  • Site grading – leveling of the area for proper foundation work
  • Trenching for underground utility installation and work 

How Can Kaski Inc. Help You?

Kaski Inc. concrete contractors in Duluth, MN are here to help on your next construction project. Contact us to learn more about our concrete services