Construction Careers at Kaski, Inc.

Yes, we are hiring!

Become a part of the Kaski family

Kaski, Inc. is a general contractor located in Duluth, MN, specializing in commercial construction, alteration, and repair. We invite you to find success with a company that cares about you.

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Choosing Kaski, Inc.

Kaski is a family-oriented construction company that focuses on putting our people first. We believe in working hard, providing quality results for customers, and most importantly, having fun!

Our Core Values are not just words. We use these values every day in our work – when we decide who to hire (or fire), when we look to offer rewards and recognition, and even when problem-solving on the job.

If these core values resonate with you, you’ll be a good fit for the Kaski team:


Continuously striving to be at our highest level


Celebrate individual and team successes, take ownership of mistakes, and remain accountable and respectful


Always striving to work enthusiastically, have fun, and remember to be grateful


Committed to being prepared and dependable for each task

Benefits Offered

Following 60 days of work, Kaski offers the following benefits for each employee:

We contribute per hour worked, individual contribution is optional

100% coverage for employees covered by BlueCross BlueShield of MN policy

Principal Insurance

insurance for when you get hurt off the clock

We pay for a 10K policy and you can add to that as desired

We want to ensure you have time to spend with your friends and family

Accrued per hour worked which serves as an added benefit when overtime work is necessary

Our team burns through boots, so we help you get a brand new pair every year

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construction worker in harness working on building

Additional Benefits

A summer celebration we put together for you and your family. Kids can come and “drive” our machines with the assistance of a crew member in addition to a barbeque, face painting, games, and raffles!

We love to show our team members appreciation by putting together the occasional event where we’ll provide everyone with pizza or breakfast at the shop where everyone can relax and get to know each other better.

Previously, we’ve gone fishing in Algoma. Maybe this year it will be pheasant hunting in South Dakota. We’re always coming up with new ideas!

We provide safety training every other month to ensure our minds are always fresh on keeping safe out on the job sites. There are other pop-up trainings throughout the year such as forklift or GPS training as well as CDL classes with an employee payback.

One thing that we’re working toward in our 10-Year Goal is to own a vacation home as a company in a warm climate that we can send our employees to enjoy some time off!

Why we love being part of the Kaski family

Open Positions

We’ve got a busy year ahead of us and we’re always looking for people excited to join the Kaski family! As a team, we each have primary roles, but you’ll find that any one of us is willing to jump in and help wherever help is needed! The following positions are some that we are looking to fill, now and as we continue to grow


Is Kaski Inc. a union company?

Yes, we are a member of the Local 84 Christian Labor Association independent union. They manage our health insurance and 401k plans. Membership is required for all full-time employees.

Who do I contact to apply for a position?

Please email your resume to rachael@kaskiinc.com and let her know which position you are applying for! 

Find Success With A Company That Takes Care Of You

Kaski, Inc. is a general contractor in Duluth, MN specializing in commercial properties. Our extensive experience includes construction, alteration, and repair projects.

We strive to create a fun and challenging work environment for all of our employees. Work definitely shouldn’t be a place that we show up to every day just because we have to! Our goal at Kaski is to create a space for our team members to learn new skills and improve their craft each and every day. We are committed to becoming the general contractors in Duluth, MN where everyone wants to work

We look for team players with or without experience, because we know that with respect, an open mindset, and the knowledge that we can always improve, anyone can be successful. 

Benefits: We provide competitive pay, a 401K, PTO, short-term disability insurance, a tool allowance for our field crews, and we pay for health, dental, and life  insurance for our employees.