Grand Marais Border Patrol

We completed a remodel and a new build for the Grand Marais Border Patrol this past summer! We hope the team there is enjoying their expanded space.

Superior Aero Estates

This is a passion project for us, especially our owner! We’ve partnered with an engineer and are clearing, excavating, and prepping a space off Hwy 53 that will be structured into a private airport over the next couple years. We are quite excited to see it come to life!

Duluth 100

At this site on Arrowhead Road in Duluth, we are pouring the foundation for what is to be a new apartment complex! This has been a winter project and our crews have done a great job pushing through the rough weather. We plan to have the foundation complete in April.

Planet Fitness

At the new Planet Fitness site in Duluth, we provided our excavation services to prepare the site and lay piping, as well as our concrete services to pour the footings and foundation. We will be returning in the spring to finalize our work on this project!